Military Resources

On behalf of Enon Elementary, welcome to the land of the Gators! The important service our military families provide for our district and country is genuinely appreciated at our school. We recognize that transitioning in and out of schools is a challenging experience, and it is one we strive to make easier for you.

We do what’s best for students, and want to do that for your children! We strive to be a military family friendly school and embrace the relationships we create with all students in our school. Please feel free to come visit us any time.

We are proud of our relationship with Ft. Gregg-Adams. In fact, they often partner with us at school-wide events such as our Fun Run, Field Day, and Math/STEAM night.

Your children deserve the very best our public schools have to offer. We hope that your experience at Enon will be a positive one and invite you to contact us if we can be of assistance while you are here. Enon is proud of our accomplishments and will continue our efforts to improve the lives of the children we serve. Best wishes for continued success and thank you for all you do to protect and defend our nation.

A military member and her two children